A Little Historical Context for the East Palestine, Ohio Disaster

It’s good to see some outlets covering the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment as a failure of government. Disasters like this are not just accidents.

This moment from the CPAC stage in 2017, which I’ve talked about in another context, should probably be part of any serious discussion of how we got here.

2 thoughts on “A Little Historical Context for the East Palestine, Ohio Disaster

  1. Doris McHarg

    Canadian neighbour here. First time visiting….accidentally. I love it! You’re non-partisan; therefore objective in your reporting.

    In order to find your Bog, I had to by-pass 100s of MSM 🕸-sites, in order to find the TRUTH.

    Arguably, here in CHINE-ada, we’ve a DICKtatorial Emperor. Research his WEF, Genocidal project (Maids). We don’t have “free” health-care. We’re being refused basic medical care, albeit, we pay phantasmagorical taxes for it.

    But we DO have FREE MURDER! YUP! If Canadians volunteer to be MURDERED, we receive that “health-care” within a few days, than if we need broken arms to be repaired.

    And there’s a reason: ORGAN-HARVESTING while patients are sedated and “under the knife”. There’s a growing awareness here, that “hospitals” are to be avoided because of the Organ-Harvesting”. “Hospitals” are “Death-Camps” here.



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