Translations from Khmer and Chinese Needed

I’m currently making a short film for The Foundation for AIDS Research (Amfar), and I need English translations of interviews from Khmer and Chinese.

The Khmer interviews are from an HIV+ women’s collective in Phnom Penh, and the Chinese material is from an AIDS clinic in Liuzhou.

Both sets of interviews were shot with the help of a translator, who provided us only with a rough jog to get us through them. We now need good written English translations. Each is about 15-20 minutes long. We probably have about 30 minutes of Khmer material and a little more than an hour of Chinese material.

Since we are making the film for a non-profit organization, we’re on a very tight budget, but can manage a fee or honorarium for translations.

We can provide audio files (MP3s) of the interviews. We’re looking for good written English translations with time code notations, so that we can match the Khmer or Chinese audio with our written English translation and create subtitles; and then we would probably need the translator to spend an hour or so with us in the edit room making sure the subtitles correspond to the spoken Khmer/Chinese. (So that means the translator should ideally be based in New York City, though I suppose it would be possible to do all of this online.)

The film will be shown for the first time in Shanghai, at an international AIDS conference, and then it will most likely run on the Amfar website.

If you or someone you know can assist with this project, please contact me through my twitter account, @lvgaldieri.

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